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Low-risk business decisions are made in an ideal world. They are made after all of the data has been elucidated, all variables have been analyzed, all alternatives have been considered and evaluated, and the decisions have resulted in a more efficient process, a happier customer, or increased sales. Issues are resolved using advanced analytics and trend knowledge that will govern future production requirements, predict market changes, and proactively analyze real-time data about the business. Most businesses have a lot of potential when it comes to using data and information to improve day-to-day operations. Although you may have already gathered all of the data required for such insight, you may not believe you have the ability or knowledge to analyze all of that data in order to obtain relevant, meaningful information. This is where Power BI comes into play.

Power BI allows you to easily connect to various data sources, visualize and discover what is important, and share with those you choose.

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and links that work together to transform disparate data sources into coherent, visually stunning, and interactive insights. Your data can be as simple as an Excel spreadsheet or as complex as a collection of cloud-based and local hybrid data warehouses.

Power BI enables advanced analysis

In Microsoft’s e-book “Advanced Analytics with Power BI,” you can learn how Power BI integrates advanced analysis into daily decision-making processes in the company by gaining valuable knowledge from data as a foundation for making decisions. The e-book describes Power BI’s advanced analysis capabilities, such as predictive analysis, data visualization, R-integration, and data analysis expressions.

Data is everywhere. Take advantage of it.

The world contains an enormous amount of data, which is growing exponentially by the day. This vast collection of information has changed the way the world interacts, revealed medical breakthroughs, and revealed new ways of understanding business and daily life trends. With increased data availability comes new challenges and opportunities, while business leaders must acquire critical insights and transform data into relevant and meaningful information.

As more data becomes available, it can be difficult to manage the massive amounts in order to gain insight and make sound decisions. Without the right tools, business leaders at all levels must be computer savvy and capable of comprehending previously inaccessible data and analytical concepts, such as statistical methods, machine learning, and data manipulation. With such a wide range of computer skills required, it is critical to be able to make informed decisions based on data analysis rather than personal opinions. Previously, these tasks were extremely complex and would be delegated to engineers, but with today’s tools, business leaders can dive into their own analyses and gain critical insight.

The e-book "Advanced Analytics with Power BI" contains topics such as:

  • Advanced analytics in Power BI
  • Predictive analytics with Azure
  • R integration
  • Quick Insights feature
  • Segmentation and cohort analysis
  • Data grouping and Binning
  • Data streaming in Power BI
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Setup of real-time streaming data sets
  • Visualizations in Power BI
  • Community-sourced visualizations
  • R visualizations
  • Custom visualizations
  • Data connection and shaping
  • Azure services
  • DirectQuery
  • Data fetching with the R connector
  • Data shaping in Power Query with R
  • Data Analysis Expressions

Get an overview and use your data

Users at all levels of an organization can use Power BI to analyze data and share insights. Power BI’s instrument panel provides a 360-degree view of the most important calculations in one place, which is updated in real time and accessible on all devices. You can explore data with one click, using intuitive tools to quickly find answers and uncover new insights.

Power BI enables you to delve deeply into your data while remaining productive and creative with the visualizations you create. Power BI makes it simple to use advanced analytics to effectively communicate messages and address challenges, with more than 20 built-in ways to visualize data and the ability to create custom views.

Read the e-book: Advanced Analytics with Power BI

The e-book describes the advanced analysis possibilities in Power BI, including predictive analysis, data visualization, R-integration and data analysis expressions.

Explore the possibilities with Power BI

Explore how you can make better decisions, identify risks and contribute to increased growth by collecting, analyzing and getting an overview of your business’s data, files and cubes.

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