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Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Create long-lasting customer relationships.

Make sure your customers get a personalized customer service tailored to their needs with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Through an omnichannel platform that facilitates first-class customer service, customers receive the most efficient customer service. With access to self-help and collaboration portals, customers can easily get help with their problems. This is a solution that, in addition to reducing costs associated with support, provides increased customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Give your customers the service they want

Customers today expect quick, dependable, and accurate customer service. With Dynamics 365 and the Customer Service app, you can create value at every point of contact and meet the market on the channel where they thrive the most. The application’s omnichannel design allows you to resolve issues across digital platforms such as Live Chat, Facebook, SMS, and many more.

With this solution you can create knowledge banks that make it easy for your customers to access service articles that help them solve problems on their own. If they still needs the assistance of a customer service employee, you can easily ensure that the experience is seamless. The application shows the customer journey step by step, so that you can efficiently perform quality service regardless of whether the case needs to be moved to different agents or platforms.

Give your team new opportunities to provide excellent customer service

Giving your employees the tools they need to succeed is the recipe for providing exceptional customer service. Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables agents to easily cooperate and transfer cases to one another. The integration of Microsoft Teams also allows for the connection of professionals who ensure that complicated challenges are efficiently solved.

It is critical to guarantee that no enquiries are overlooked or delayed when clients seek customer support. Set up notifications for clients who require additional follow-up so that the support staff may work proactively to resolve problems. Agents can continue problem-solving without interruption if they can swiftly recover the history and receive AI-based recommendations for solutions.


Use cutting-edge technology to get a better overview of your customer service

Use revolutionary technology to enable to take care of your customers in the best possible way. The application provides access to IoT diagnostics, allowing you to make smarter recommendations and process cases more quickly without leaving the platform.

Give your customers smart and future-oriented recommendations with the help of programmed bots that use real customer data in their analyzes. As part of the Microsoft universe, the solution can be easily integrated with other industry-leading AI applications, such as Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, Customer Insights and Customer Service Insights.

Possibilities with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The solution uses artificial intelligence and modern technology that facilitates increased customer satisfaction. Investing in Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows you to:

  • Track customer issues across various fields
  • Keep track of all interactions pertaining to a single case
  • Share knowledge in a knowledge base
  • Set up queues and assign cases to the appropriate channels
  • Service agreements are used to establish and track service levels (SLAs)
  • Define service terms through rights
  • Reports and dashboards provide an overview of profitability and productivity
  • Service setup and scheduling

… and much more! This solution gives you the tools you need to create strong and long-term customer relationships.

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In a market that is becoming increasingly challenging, with increased competition and high demands for efficiency and accurate data, it is crucial to have a business system that handles challenges and can follow developments in the market. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines ERP, CRM and BI solutions in one cloud solution, which simplifies and improves your processes.

Start your journey towards long-lasting customer relations with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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