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Dynamics 365 Sales

Sell ​​smarter and modernize your shopping journey to your customers

In today’s market, you have to adapt to the fact that the customer has a lot of power. There are many suppliers to choose from, and the customer can easily go to your competitor if you do not meet their needs. Customers want unique experiences, hassle-free transactions and a tailored shopping journey when they shop. With Dynamics 365 Sales, you are one step closer to creating the sales experience your customers demand.

Create good relationships between customers and sellers

Dynamics 365 Sales helps your salespeople create great relationships with customers through a solution that collects data across various tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Office 365. This way, your salespeople can easily manage relationships on a large scale and build trust through good follow-up.

Use modern tools to sell smarter

Do not miss sales opportunities due to poor analysis and insight. Dynamics 365 Sales categorizes your leads so that salespeople can see the best sales opportunities and identify leads that are most likely to be converted to customers.

Modern technology also creates opportunities to get smart recommendations from the application when it comes to interaction with customers and leads. Dynamics 365 Sales recommends conversation topics and further action with the various contacts. The application also gives you a good overview of how strong relationships the company has with different customers, and which customers need extra follow-up to create a stronger relationship.

Accelerate productivity and get results faster

An important prerequisite for having a flexible and efficient sales department is to have a good collaboration with the marketing department. Optimize the coordination between sales and the market, by giving the sales department a better insight into marketing campaigns. Automated workflows between market and sales ensure that sales-qualified leads are transferred from market to sale so that no time is lost.

The solution ensures high productivity and fast results through good collaboration tools. Here, the entire sales department can collaborate with each other, or other departments, across Microsoft Teams. In this way, they can interact on documents, sales agreements, contracts and conduct meetings across geographical areas. The application also ensures good workflow through a seamless integration with well-known tools such as Outlook, Excel and SharePoint technology.

Opportunities in Dynamics 365 Sales

This solution gives you flexible and innovative features that facilitate success. It gives you, among other things:

  • Facilitates smarter sales
  • Builds customer relationships through commitment
  • Accelerates productivity in the sales department
  • Improve sales results
  • Increases sales with AI-driven insights
  • Creates innovative sales processes with a scalable solution
  • Better follow-up of leads
  • Optimizes all sales opportunities
  • Understand your customers with 360-degree reviewsr
  • Shows your sellers recommended actions

… and much more! Dynamics 365 Sales gives you and your employees the tools they need to succeed.

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In a market that is becoming increasingly tough, with increased competition and high demands on efficiency and accurate data, it is crucial to have a business system that handles challenges and can follow developments in the market. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines ERP, CRM and BI solutions in one cloud solution, which simplifies and improves your processes.

Upgrade your sales processes today

We at Axdata are happy to help you get started with Dynamics 365 Sales, so that you can work towards creating the best possible shopping journey for your customers. Axdata has extensive experience with the Dynamics 365 platform, and has broad expertise that gets you up to the cloud quickly and safely with Dynamics 365 Sales.