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Power BI -
The powerful reporting tool

Leverage data through Business Intelligence

Make better decisions, identify risks and contribute to increased growth by collecting, analyzing and getting an overview of your business’s data, files and cubes.

Utilize your data to get the overview and make data-driven decisions

The amount of data available and the need for control grows with your business. In most companies, there is great potential in the utilization of data and information to optimize daily operations. Power BI is a cloud-based analysis tool that allows you to easily collect, analyze and get an overview of data, files and cubes both inside and outside Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365. Analyze and create interactive reports, intuitive dashboards and visualizations of data both inside and outside the business, and present them in a simple and elegant way to your colleagues.


The solution communicates with the rest of MS Office and allows you to connect information from multiple data sources from different systems and platforms. Are you tired of cutting and pasting data from Excel and spending time on tasks that do not create value? Power BI allows you to automate the collection and facilitation of data so that you can focus on analyzing, gaining insight and communicating the operation of your business in a simple way. You can see a demo of how the solution works inside Microsoft’s pages.

Stay up to date on your data in real time - anywhere, anytime, and from all your devices!

Analysis tool for a stronger decision basis

With Power BI, all users can stay up to date, work connected in real time, and across devices – PC, Mac, tablet and mobile. Create updated status reports from different areas of your business and get a better basis for making good strategic decisions. The solution makes it easy for you and your colleagues to keep up to date on key figures, identify trends continuously and drive the business forward at all times. With Power BI, you get started quickly and do not have to worry about installation, maintenance and upgrades.


With a complete overview of your business-critical data, Power BI opens up for a better decision basis.


Power BI is a very flexible analysis tool that is designed so that you can easily collect, analyze and report from countless sources!

Experience Power BI in 60 sekunder

Gain interactive insight with analysis in Power BI

In this e-book from Microsoft, you can read about how Power BI brings advanced analysis into daily decision-making processes in the company by gaining valuable knowledge from the data as a basis for making decisions. The e-book describes the advanced analysis possibilities in the solution, including predictive analysis, data visualization, R-integration and data analysis expressions.
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Get even more out of Power BI with Dynamics 365

Business processes are the core of your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform that is user-friendly and easily connects finances, sales and operations with CRM, Office 365 and Power BI.

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